1. To strengthen students’ problem-solving and generic skills.
  2. To encourage students maintain positive value and attitude in their daily life based on Catholic core values ‘Truth’, ‘Justice’ and ‘Love’.
  3. To develop students’ competence in using the four language skills of listening, speaking, writing and reading.
  4. To help students develop independent learning capabilities by incorporating the ‘Four Key Tasks’ – Reading to Learn, Project Learning, Information Technology for Interactive Learning and Moral and Civic Education – into the English curriculum.

English Activities

Students had a big lesson in the hall with tutors from SCOLAR. They first learnt about writing a story with pen and paper. Then they learnt how to use tablets to make their own e-storybooks!

Teachers and English Ambassadors prepared different activities for all levels, such as Spelling Bee, the tongue twister competition, acrostic poem writing, story sharing and game counters.

School-based Curriculum