1. To strengthen students’ problem-solving and generic skills.
  2. To encourage students maintain positive value and attitude in their daily life based on Catholic core values ‘Truth’, ‘Justice’ and ‘Love’.
  3. To develop students’ competence in using the four language skills of listening, speaking, writing and reading.
  4. To help students develop independent learning capabilities by incorporating the ‘Four Key Tasks’ – Reading to Learn, Project Learning, Information Technology for Interactive Learning and Moral and Civic Education – into the English curriculum.

Fun to Learn Online


During the school suspension, our teachers prepared electronic materials and had Zoom lessons with students so that our students would not stop learning at home.

English Musical


The pandemic couldn’t stop the passion of our Musical Team members. They tried to deliver emotions and feelings in different levels with their facial expressions and body languages online. They could also learn from others by observation.

SCOLAR English Alliance: e-Writing in Action


Some P.5 students joined the “e-Writing in Action” Programme organized by Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR). They could learn the techniques of applying different e-elements to create their unique online storybooks!

Creative All Around 2020 Writing Competition


Lam Cheuk Yin (P.2B) has won the Merit Award in the “Creative All Around 2020” writing competition, with the theme of “Happy Family – Letter to Mum & Dad”.

Meaningful Learning Experience in True Light School


Some P.6 students joined a debating workshop in Kowloon True Light School.

Annual Primary School English Quest


Five P.6 students joined the annual Primary School English Quest organized by True Light Girls’ College.

1 student got the Stellar Performance Award and 3 students got the Outstanding Performance Award.

New Zealand Study Tour & Sharing


The Joint School New Zealand Study Tour was truly valuable for P.5 students to experience the school life and culture with the local students and homestay families in New Zealand. After the trip, they had a great chance to share their fruitful experiences with the lower level students!

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