Message from the Principal

 Recently I came across articles about sending yourself a letter in five years′ time. There are titles like: What would you say to yourself five years ago? Or what will you say to yourself in five years? Some articles start like this,” Dear me, I′m writing you this letter from the future…

 I found it interesting because it gave me a chance to look at myself in a different perspective. When we were young, we had dreams about our future. We image and we dare to dream. Our dreams about the future are colourful and full of excitement. In time you get older and older, you are more “practical and realistic”. You dare not to dream because you′re afraid of being teased on or you get ashamed when you fail. You tend to be constrained by the reality. You often tell yourself, this cannot be done. I can′t do this or I am not capable of doing this…etc. You give yourself tons of “reasons” to avoid chasing your dream.

 Let′s rewind and look at your past. You were so energetic and eager to achieve, learning to bike, to swim across the swimming pool or even learn to walk. You never thought of the danger or how other people may judge you. You were overwhelmed by the joy of trying and the eagerness to have it done. As you grow, this internal momentum ceases.

 On the bright side, you would say, ‘I am now more considerate. I begin to share their feeling within myself…” On the down side, you lose the courage to achieve the dream you want. I could use another word instead, your desire. That is how much you want your goal to be achieved. My beloved students, parents and teachers, please set yourself a goal today. Trust yourself and the all Mighty God, He always prepares the best for you. Only you have to cooperate with Him, so that His plan will work. Set your goal and your mind. Tell yourself that you can make it and try your best. Don′t just sit there and wait. The first thing is to get it started and then you follow your dream.

 Rome is not built in one day. Give yourself time to learn, practise and try. Don′t believe *Tony Stark solved his problems in the blink of an eye. That′s movie magic. Do you know how hard *LBJ has been trained? How much blood, sweat and tears has he spilt to have him in his recent achievement? Don′t just look at the result. Try to discover your real self along the way. Embrace your “success” and “not so success” experiences, your strength and weakness. Your constant reflection will build up a better you. This is how you grow up to be a Man. Please remember four Ds in your journey: Drive, Discipline, Devotion and Diligent.

 So if I have to say something to myself from the future, I would say, `Hey, what have you done in the past five years? Have you achieved the goal you set? What have you learnt? Are you a much better person than yourself five years ago?”

 My dear friends, in 2022 what will you say to yourself in 2017?

November 2017

*Tony Stark– Iron Man is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

*LBJ– LeBron Raymone James is an American professional basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association.